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Mindfulness-Based Mental Health Education for Children, Teachers, Families, Schools and Communities.

An increasing number of children face challenges that affect their ability to focus attention, regulate difficult emotions, build inner resilience, and form healthy and supportive relationships. We teach them practical ways to calm their anxiety while providing them with supportive relationships, nurturing experiences, and a positive learning environment. 

Allies in Caring offers the following classes to help kids’ mental health:

  • ​Mindfulness

  • CuidArte “The Art of Selfcare”

  • EmpoderArte "The Art of Self-empowerment"

If you are interested in one of the courses listed below please write to: 

Children in Yoga Class


Was created on the foundation of the ancient practice of mindfulness, which encourages being fully present in our lives with greater peace and ease. 

  • Teaches meditation and gentle exercises to cultivate awareness and reduce stress.  

  • People take an MBSR course for reasons that include but not limit to stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, GI distress, chronic illness, fatigue, heart disease, insomnia, or grief/loss.   

  • It is a practice that is useful for stress reduction, a greater sense of well-being, and enhanced creativity.  

  • The class is a compliment to, not a substitute for, medical and psychological treatment

Kids Doing Homework

CuidArte “The Art of Selfcare”

Teaches Latino youth how to develop skills of emotion regulation and self-awareness. Faced with chronic and toxic stress from immigration processes and racial and ethnic discrimination and disparities as well as not having developed positive coping skills, Latino youth often are negatively impacted.


Following the L2B curriculum, a variety of skills are introduced such as self-observation, awareness, decision making, mindful communication, acceptance, problem solving, anger and depression management.


Allies in Caring hopes the positive change the program can make in student’s lives will favorably impact their local communities. 

Youth Basketball Team

EmpoderArte "The Art of Self-empowerment"

More appealing to students attempting to take control of their life and future. We have recognized that adolescents are beginning to have a greater understanding of self and plan for their future.


They are becoming more independent and are developing skills for adulthood. Erikson’s stages of development explain that younger youth have different mental and social abilities than older youth.


We have adapted the programs to meet the abilities of each age group. For younger youth, we will continue with our CuidArte program of self-care as they are learning to cope with new social environment and develop self-esteem. For older youth, we will use our EmpoderArte program as they are re-examining their identity and what it looks like as they transition into adulthood. 

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