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Allies In Caring celebrated it's tenth anniversary on September 15, 2022. Our activities highlighted the community impact AIC has made since 2012 when founder Ivette Guillermo-McGahee saw the gap in health services for the underserved as an opportunity to build beloved community, and to take the preferential option to do something about it.


While AIC specializes in services for families with members who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Spanish-speaking, or living with Disabilities, we are proud to be a pioneer in providing health equity solutions for people of color and LGBTQ+ community members who find themselves in need of support. Many of our services are provided free of charge so AIC is funded through donations and grants.

Since we think globally and act locally, our dedicate staff, volunteers and board members from Hammonton make any visitor feel at home when they walk in the door of our vibrant Con-Vivir Wellness Hub which opened its in 2021. From farmworkers to local business to the NJ state legislature, we built networks to support our mission like the Hammonton Health Coalition and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Coalition of South Jersey. 

Our coalitions are made of people who want to bridge the divides that separate our families from wellness and inclusion. Their members recognize and act on the fact that a town’s safety and economic prosperity is only sustainable when all are included and all are thriving and well.  


Why does AIC do what we do? For an answer, you might look at the headlines about health inequity. You might look no further than your neighbor who held their family together through the pandemic with our counseling. You might ask one of the disenfranchised families who received food, clothing and support from us during times of unemployment. One way to understand our mission is to look at a thriving, healthy, successful deaf and hard of hearing Spanish speaking child who otherwise would be left out of the running but who is now making it through school and confidently working towards their dreams.



Allies In Caring’s decade of service helped hold Hammonton communities together through overlapping crises. The AIC model of person-centered wellness and health-focused counseling for Spanish speaking and DHH families has proven successful and the creation of the Con-Vivir WellnessHub in Hammonton has lit a beacon of hope for the marginalized seeking support and health services in south jersey. 


AIC leadership and staff and board of directors are proud to celebrate 10 years of successful service and are grateful to the families, funders and coalition partners who make it such a welcoming oasis of support.


Sponsor a family at this link. 

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