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Our Team


Amy Ashenfelter, Clinical Consultant

Amy Ashenfelter has been working with Allies in Caring since January 2015, she serves as a clinical consultant and is also a Master level therapist. She holds a master’s in counseling and applied psychology from Rowan University and a certificate from Drexel University in applied behavior analysis and is currently pursuing BCBA certification. She has 3 soon to be step-children. Her favorite part about working for Allies in Caring is “The rapport I’ve built with the other clinicians, the opportunity to support them by processing cases, and interacting with all of my families.”


Daniela Avila, Clinical Administrative Assistant

Daniela was born in Moroleon Guanajuato, Mexico. She came to the United States when she was two years old. Seeing both of her parents struggle to communicate in a different language had always made her cherish her Spanish and learn English enough to help her parents.

From Kindergarten until third grade, she was placed in ESL classes to learn English. It would sometimes be hard for her to comprehend half of what was going on in the class, but she would always have the thought of being there for her parents, which would always get her through the classes. She was always their translator. She helped them make doctors' appointments, helped them fill out school papers, and read letters that came in the mail.


She graduated from Hammonton High school in 2020 when the pandemic had just hit. It wasn't the best senior year, but she was glad to have graduated. In high school, she passed the New Jersey state test for being bilingual and got certified to speak both Spanish and English.


Her favorite part of working at Allies in Caring is helping many more Hispanics that need help, just like her parents did. Being able to help and assist the community is more than just a job to her. She believes working at Allies in Caring will allow her to change people's lives.


Copelia Morales, Con-Vivir Community Relations Manager

Copelia grew up in Hammonton. She has worked as a volunteer for the Migrant Worker Outreach of South Jersey for seven years and currently runs a nutritional program for migrant pregnant women and young kids. She is also a Hammonton Health Coalition Coordinator, and she is part of the Hammonton Heart and Soul initiative. She attended school for phlebotomy and to become a medical assistant. Her passion has always been to help others. She is currently attending school. Copelia loves interacting with people and getting to know the community better. She strives to achieve a healthier Hispanic community, one that can be more comfortable getting involved with other groups and cultures. She joined Allies in caring as our Community Relations Manager to identify, assess, and coordinate community engagement opportunities.

When asked what's her favorite part about working at Allies in Caring, she said "My favorite part about working for AIC is that I get to do what I love helping people and bringing resources to those who don't know them. Being able to help someone and encourage them to reach their goals is essential to me."

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Mary Duffin, MBA, Director of Finance and Administration

Starting her career working for a private practice physical therapy company, Mary quickly developed a passion for healthcare administration and operations. She established credentialing and medical record workflows for the rapidly growing company during this time.


After earning her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Rutgers University-Camden, she joined BAYADA Home Healthcare. She successfully navigated the complex world of the revenue cycle and became a subject matter expert on commercial and state health insurance guidelines. She earned her MBA with a focus in healthcare administration from Wilmington University and transitioned into academic medicine. She managed the clinical programs and provider credentialing for Einstein Medical Center's Emergency Department.


Most recently, she was the business manager for the Department of Family and Community Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University. While at Jefferson, she managed the department's daily financial activities, including budget preparation and control, human resources administration, business planning, grant accounting, and implementing strategic plans. Born as the 9th of 11 children, Mary has a biological disposition for being a team player and is excited to be a part of Allies in Caring’s future.


Kelin Jimenez, MS, Development Manager 

Kelin Jimenez, MS, started working in the nonprofit sector in 2011. She initially joined our AIC team as a part-time Business Analyst, where Kelin significantly elevated our work development processes.

During her time as the Migrant Health Outreach & Marketing Coordinator at Southern Jersey Family Medical Centers Inc., Kelin showcased her leadership by supervising outreach activities, organizing impactful community health events, and contributing to facilitating medical and dental services to underserved communities. Her expertise in marketing, health promotion, and education also played a pivotal role in disseminating crucial information and promoting health awareness among diverse populations.

As a first-generation Latina college graduate from a multicultural household, Kelin carries a profound appreciation for diversity and a resolute drive to dismantle barriers faced by underserved communities.

Kelin steps into the role of Development Manager with reliability and commitment. Holding a Master's in Global Marketing Management and a bachelor's in media/marketing, along with a BA in Spanish, she possesses a nuanced understanding of diverse audiences and effective communication strategies.

Kelin's dedication transcends professional roles, evident in her previous and current positions in the Hammonton Health Coalition, the Town of Hammonton Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, and the community Church of God El Consolador. With a passion for mental health and community development, Kelin is poised to spearhead impactful initiatives, foster diversity, and support underserved communities in her role as Development Manager.

In addition to her professional community service pursuits, she also places great value on spending quality time with her son and husband. Kelin believes that by prioritizing family, she has learned to approach challenges with a holistic perspective, enabling her to make well-informed decisions that resonate in both her personal and professional life.  


Christopher Tobar, SHRM-CP. People & Culture Manager

Chris is a first-generation American of Guatemalan descent. He was born in Los Angeles, California, where he embraced his Central American culture and community. His humble roots and desire to serve others led him to enlist in the United States Air Force, where he was able to travel the world, face unique challenges, and lead small, large, and international teams. After 20 years of service, Chris retired and now finds himself sharing his personal and professional experience with others to help them grow!
Chris joined our team in 202
4 as the People & Culture Manager. He is responsible for fostering a positive work environment, developing a strong organizational culture, and aligning HR practices with the objectives of Allies in Caring. Additionally, he crafts meaningful career pathways for underutilized or dislocated workers and is dedicated to advancing the health and well-being of our communities. His progressive approach to Human Resources and leading people will help establish and embrace relationships in our neighborhoods.


Diego Gonzalez-Rojas. Community Health Worker

Diego Started working for Allies in Caring in 2023 after Graduating from Hammonton High School in 2022. Diego started as a Summer Camp Facilitator, Where he discovered his passion for working within the Community, eventually leading to Diego starting his apprenticeship at Allies in Caring to become a Community health worker. After completing his certification, Diego continued to work as a full-time community health worker at Con-Vivir and facilitated programs.


Diego plans on continuing his education and working within the Community. Diego loves working at Allies in Caring because he continues to be a peer mentor to kids in the Community while incorporating his love for art and creativity. Outside of his work, Diego loves Art, Acrylic Paint, Plants, Nature, and overall being a Good older Brother. 


Juan Francisco Bacon. Maintenance professional

Juan Francisco Bacon is our maintenance professional. Originally from Peru, Juan Francisco came to Hammonton to build a future with his family. He enjoys working at Allies in Caring because he feels loved and appreciated. Francisco diligently keeps our Con-Vivir Wellness Center tidy and clean, ensuring that people have a fresh and welcoming environment to work in. He also greets everyone with a warm smile. At Allies In Caring, we grateful to have Juan Francisco as part of our team.



Diana Mendez, PR and Communications Manager

Diana is originally from Colombia. She completed her Master in Business Administration at the University of Texas at El Paso, and moved to New Jersey 8 years ago, where she lives with her husband and kids.


Diana helps organizations to deliver unique content experiences and to connect with their communities authentically. She designs, implements, and evaluates Allies in Caring communications and digital marketing strategy. Diana is a self-motivated leader, passionate about creating social change, with diverse experiences, including public administration, event planning, and community engagement.


She has strong cultural competency, and she has experience working with Latinx and Spanish-speaking communities. Diana is Bilingual in English and Spanish.


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Le’Tisha Badger, Student Intern

Le’Tisha Badger has been a Student Intern at Allies in Caring since 2022. Le’Tisha is pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work and would eventually like to become a licensed therapist to provide counseling and enter the field of academia by becoming a professor at a college.

Le’Tisha is passionate about self-care and helping people understand, recognize and participate in self-care on many levels. Le’Tisha hopes to start her own self-care company one day soon.

Le’Tisha is also a certified Zumba Instructor and enjoys CrossFit, powerlifting, and writing poetry.

Le’Tisha has recently adopted the ideology that one must consistently pour into themselves so that they are able to pour into others.


Heather Jarvis, Student Intern

A dedicated student from Walden University, she is set to graduate in November 2023 with a Bachelor's in Social Work. But her educational journey doesn't stop there. This spring, she'll be diving deeper into her passion by pursuing a Master's in Professional Sexual Health. Her ultimate goal? To become an AASECT certified sex therapist, specializing in serving the LGBTQIA+ community.

What stands out for her at Allies? It's the unwavering support and collaboration she experiences from the entire team. She's deeply inspired by everyone's shared mission: making the community a better, more inclusive place. And she believes that this collective commitment truly shines through in the work we do. 

Alexandra Vargas.jpg

Alexandra Vargas, Student Intern 

Hello! My name is Alexandra Vargas. I am a current student at Stockton University. I am set to graduate in May 2024 with a Bachelor’s in Psychology with a concentration in Mental Health. My hope is to continue my education in the near future to pursue a career in Counseling, hopefully with a bilingual concentration, so I can work with those who speak English and Spanish. I am passionate about helping others and especially about advocating for accessible mental health resources for everyone.  
I enjoy spending time with my family and my cat, Percy.  
I chose to complete my internship at Allies in Caring because I saw the support and unity that the staff provided for the community. This is a place that provides resources to the community and makes it accessible to those who need aid. It is meaningful to see the work they are doing, and I hope it is a place where I will learn a lot.

Angeles Sumano.jpg

Angeles Sumano, Student Intern 

Angeles is currently pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a focus on mental health from Stockton University. She is passionate about helping others and is dedicated to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health in minority communities. Angeles firmly believes in the healing power of the arts and aspires to integrate this approach into her future career as an art therapist.

Angeles admires the work of Allies in Caring, an organization that is committed to supporting individuals in need and promoting community well-being. She values the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded professionals who are dedicated to serving diverse populations. Angeles is excited to contribute to the mission of Allies in Caring and gain valuable experience in the social work field.

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