Our Team

Geoff Stuart, Operations Manager

Geoff has very strong process improvement, planning and organizing, attention to detail skills with a background in large scale systems implementations. His most recent work experience was as a member of the Global Data Warehouse team in the Information Services organization of Pfizer. Prior to this position, he held several posts in the Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Technical Support Services and International Client Support organizations.  Additionally, he completed a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in social services.  Most importantly he has a true interest in our mission and success; after seven years of retirement he started volunteering with us last year in different ways; supporting our fundraising efforts, assisting with grant writing and with IT issues as well as hosting our meetings. 

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Amy Ashenfelter, Clinical Consultant

 Amy Ashenfelter has been working with Allies in Caring since January 2015, she serves as a clinical consultant and is also a Master level therapist. She holds a master’s in counseling and applied psychology from Rowan University and a certificate from Drexel University in applied behavior analysis and is currently pursuing BCBA certification. She has 3 soon to be step-children. Her favorite part about working for Allies in Caring is “The rapport I’ve built with the other clinicians, the opportunity to support them by processing cases, and interacting with all of my families.”


Itzel Saldaña, Employee Relations & Compliance Specialist

Itzel Saldaña has been with Allies in Caring since October of 2018, she serves as the Connector Liaison. She currently attends Stockton University and is expecting to complete her bachelor’s degree by Spring 2020. She is majoring in Anthropology and Sociology while minoring in Migration Studies. After graduating she hopes to continue to help the Latino community and keep her focus on immigration rights. When asked what her favorite part about working at Allies in Caring is, she said “Knowing that I form part of an organization that cares about the Latino community.


Morgan Bowker, Service Support

Morgan studied psychology, and she is currently an American Sign Language student at Rowan College at Burlington County. She has spent many years working and volunteering with children and adults with disabilities and have a passion for helping others. She grew up in Hammonton and now lives in a farmhouse apartment in Winslow Township with her dachshund, Oliver, and chickens, Penelope, Petunia, Noel, and Marsala.


Sarah Thompson, Grant and Donor Relations

Sarah spent nearly all her life in Atlantic County, New Jersey, and has been a resident of Hammonton for the last 13 years. She started working with Allies in Caring in the Spring of 2020 and worked as the Executive Assistant to the Director over the previous year.


With her background as a legal secretary, title company processor, and content copywriter, Sarah has utilized her office and communication skills and now has eased into the role of Grant and Donor Relations Associate, growing with the organization.


Looking to the future and proceeding toward a master’s degree, she has her sights set on becoming an art therapist and using her love of art and counseling to work with those who need it most in the community. Sarah and her family live right in the heart of Hammonton and enjoy spending their time downtown and among the community here.

When asked what her favorite part about working at Allies in Caring is, she said "The best part of my job with Allies in Caring is having the opportunity to work with a team of caring people who are doing great things to help the people in our communities who need it most."

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Melinda Pal Lifango, Finance Specialist

Melinda is an accountant/financial analyst with four years of professional experience.  Melinda joined Allies in Caring in June 2020. She graduated from Rowan University with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting in 2016. Melinda keeps accurate records and reconciles accounts for our organization.  She manages day-to-day financial transactions associated with AIC. She grew up in Hungary and came to the United States 10 years ago.  Melinda speaks English and Hungarian. Work-Life balance is essential to her. She is inspired daily by her husband and her babies. In her free time, she loves being outdoors, horseback riding, arts and crafts, taking trips with her family, cooking with her husband, and entertaining friends and family.

When asked what her favorite part about working at Allies in Caring is, she said "I love the flexibility of the job and to have work-life balance; at the same time, it's also exciting and challenging. The colleagues and management are very welcoming, understanding, positive, and easy to work with. "


Copelia Morales, Con-Vivir Community Relations Manager

Copelia grew up in Hammonton. She has worked as a volunteer for the Migrant Worker Outreach of South Jersey for seven years and currently runs a nutritional program for migrant pregnant women and young kids. She is also a Hammonton Health Coalition Coordinator, and she is part of the Hammonton Heart and Soul initiative. She attended school for phlebotomy and to become a medical assistant. Her passion has always been to help others. She is currently attending school. Copelia loves interacting with people and getting to know the community better. She strives to achieve a healthier Hispanic community, one that can be more comfortable getting involved with other groups and cultures. She joined Allies in caring as our Community Relations Manager to identify, assess, and coordinate community engagement opportunities.

When asked what her favorite part about working at Allies in Caring is, she said "My favorite part about working for AIC is that I get to do what I love helping people and bringing resources to those who don't know them. Being able to help someone and encourage them to reach their goals is essential to me."

Michael Snyder, Program Development Manager

Michael has over forty years of experience in non-profit leadership throughout southern New Jersey. Michael’s expertise is in new program development, implementation, and management of such services. Before joining AIC, Michael led a Children's Behavioral health organization where he utilized his skill set in doing Strategic Planning, branding, change management, and forming strategic alliances.


When asked why he joined AIC, Michael replied he knows that AIC builds supportive relationships in people's lives and having a positive impact on people gives him no greater joy.


Diana Mendez, PR and Communications Manager

Diana is originally from Colombia. She completed her Master in Business Administration at the University of Texas at El Paso, and moved to New Jersey 8 years ago, where she lives with her husband and kids.


Diana helps organizations to deliver unique content experiences and to connect with their communities authentically. She designs, implements, and evaluates Allies in Caring communications and digital marketing strategy. Diana is a self-motivated leader, passionate about creating social change, with diverse experiences, including public administration, event planning, and community engagement.


She has strong cultural competency, and she has experience working with Latinx and Spanish-speaking communities. Diana is Bilingual in English and Spanish.

Wilson Mape, Behavioral Assistant

Wilson holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Surcolombian University and a Master's Degree in Education and Human Development from Manizales University in Colombia. He worked in a psychological support team for attention to students with educational needs and students with disabilities for over twelve years, promoting human flourishing.
He has experience in the clinical and educational context. He has assisted at-risk youth through individual, family, and group counseling on issues ranging from emotional difficulties from depression, anxiety to interpersonal relationship difficulties, substance abuse, and scholarship difficulties. He has developed professional skills with artistic skills related to art therapy. Using art therapy, he has made therapeutic and pedagogical interventions with children, teenagers, and adults to express subjectivity and collective heritage. 


Samantha Chamberlain, D&HH Program Liaison

Samantha recently received her Master's in Social Work degree from Gallaudet University in Washington, DC. She is experienced in working with the deaf as she has been a sign language interpreter since graduating with her bachelors. Samantha graduated cum laude from Bloomsburg University of PA with a dual degree in ASL/Eng interpreting and social work. She enjoys being outside in nature, a good book, yoga, and spending time with loved ones. 


When asked what her favorite part about working at Allies in Caring is, she said: "What I like about working with Allies in Caring is its mission and working with people who share the same values to serve the community better. "

Featured Service Provider

Cinthya Castillo, BA

Cinthya Castillo holds a B.A. in Psychology from Stockton University. She is actively pursuing a master’s degree in educational psychology to continue her education in applied behavior analysis. Cinthya has been working with children with disabilities for over four years. She has worked in schools as 1:1 Personal Care Assistant (PCA), and Paraprofessional Staff. Cinthya is passionate about expanding her client’s skill sets, facilitating communication, and helping kids and families lead happy lives! She believes strongly in teamwork and in the mission of providing exceptional strength-based child and family-centered