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"The Con-Vivir (Spanish for "living well together") Wellness Hub intends to provide affordable mental health services and information about available resources to people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic."


"We did not expect the breakdown, which so disrupted our lives. In our response to the crisis, we found, perhaps surprisingly, that our previous intentions and work with the Hammonton Health Coalition were the very things that sustained us."


In this newsletter, you will find information about our Free Counseling Helpline, the Free Virtual Job Search Support Group, the Arts and Crafts for Kids Fundraiser, and our new COVID-19 Resources Page


In this newsletter, our CEO, Ivette Guillermo-McGahee, shares with us why she decided to move to the United States and launch Allies in Caring. You will also learn more about Fiesta Hammonton, our newest Board Member, our Free Counseling Helpline, an art exhibit you can't miss, and a job opportunity at Allies in Caring.