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Home-Based Services

Family Time

Home-Based Services

Allies in Caring brings behavioral and mental health care to families when and where they need it.


Allies in Caring offers Home-Based Services for young people with emotional and behavioral problems. Our purpose is to stimulate personal skills, prevent unnecessary internments, avoid situations of isolation and loneliness, support family organization, avoid deterioration of living conditions and provide young people with the possibility of remaining in their usual environment.

Who we serve:

Allies in Caring is committed to including people isolated by poverty, language, or conditions such as addiction, mental health challenges, deafness, or autism. We have unique expertise in serving Latinos, immigrants, and families with members who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.


Services we offer:

  • Intensive In-Community (IIC)

  • Individual Support Services (ISS)

  • Intensive In-Home (IIH)

  • Respite

Happy Kids

Intensive In-Community (IIC)

Is a needs based and goal oriented intervention that helps tackle emotional and behavioral challenges of youth. With IIC services, youth can experience symptom reduction and develop skills. The overall goal of IIC is to restore and/or maintain the youth’s functions.


Some other things that can be accomplished with IIC are:

  • The improvement of family dynamics 

  • Preventing and/or reducing the need for higher intensity treatment 

  • Preventing and/or reducing the need and/or future risk for hospitalization or out of home treatment.  

  • Maintaining youth’s current residence. 

  • Easing the transition from out-of-home

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Individual Support Services (ISS)

A form of services that are implemented in order to aide youth in achieving, possessing and improving adaptation skills needed to function successfully in a home and/or community environment. These services are self-care driven and focus on habilitative related exercises led by and/or supervised by a service provider in the youth’s home, home of youth’s relative or other community-based location.


Some of the services that can be provided through ISS are: 

  • The aide of building upon functioning skills and communication skills  

  • The instruction of daily life activities such as/but not limited to:

    • Meal planning and prepping  

    • Managing finances  

    • Shopping for essential items (clothing, food, etc.)  

    • Performing essential household chores  

    • Communication by phone

    • Participating in community-based activities  

  • All of these serving the purpose to better the youth’s quality of life

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Intensive In-Home (IIH)

Is a multitude of rehabilitation and/or habilitation services performed face-to-face by a clinically licensed or certified practitioner. These types of services are short term and are designed for youth going through long term mental illness or youth having experienced an acute episode of physical or mental disability. This service can be put into place in order to aide youth in being able to function at their best. Some other things that can be accomplished with IIH are:

  • Aide the stabilization of behaviors that connect with the crisis

  • The prevention and/or reduction for the need of inpatient hospitalization

  • The prevention of residence change

  • The prevention of the youth needing out-of-home living arrangements  

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Respite Services

Caring for a youth with intellectual/developmental disabilities presents additional challenges that go beyond the everyday stresses of being a parent.  A respite break allows caregivers an opportunity to strengthen or foster relationships with their other children, spouses, partners, other family members, friends or an opportunity to catch up on household duties and even their own sleep. This service provides care and supervision to youth with developmental disabilities, either in their family home or in a community setting to temporarily relieve the families from the demands of caring for them. 

Who Qualifies for Services?
Family Support Services (FSS):
Are designed to maintain and enhance the quality of life of a young person with intellectual/developmental disability (I/DD) and his or her family. Designed to strengthen and promote families that provide care at home for a child or young adult. 


  • Your child must be determined eligible for Intellectual/Developmental Disability services through the new jersey Children’s System of Care (“Eligible for Functional services) before applying for FSS, and

  • Your child must live in the community either with a family member or an uncompensated caregiver, and

  • All other benefits for which the individual may be eligible (such as SSI and private insurance) must be accessed before accessing FSS resources.


How to Apply for FSS
Call PerformCare toll free number at 1-877-652-7624. The telephone application takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Perform Care is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

*Please note that only the parent or legal guardian can apply for FSS*

Your family support application is valid for one year. You will be required to re-apply over the phone annually for these services.

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Want to receive services from Allies in Caring?  Here is how! 

  • Call  NJ Child Behavioral Health Services/PerformCare to request service at  877-652-7624 

  • Give required info regarding your child’s/client’s needs 

  • Request  Allies in Caring to come out and complete a Strengths/Needs Assessment and make recommendations 

  • Call  Allies in Caring at  609-561-8400  to advise us that a request for service has been made 

  • Interview  or Initial assessment will be scheduled and conducted by a certified therapist/clinician 

  • In-Home/Community Service  will begin, once services are authorized (Process can take up to 2 weeks) 

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