Our Approach

At Allies In Caring, we build collaborative relationships with clients, service providers and community partners.

With a sense of shared responsibility, we form a therapeutic alliance with our clients. We nurture self-awareness and kindness. Together we explore in a non-judgmental way both: obstacles and potential.

We enhance our clients’ engagement in treatment and outcomes through;

  • Paying attention to the goals that are important for the client.

  • Honoring the client’s experiences and views.

  • Drawing out resources and intrinsic motivation that already exist in the client.

  • Affirming the client’s capacity to choose whether or not to change in every situation.

  • Identifying and reducing the barriers that get in the way of the pursuit of the client’s goals.

We respond and make sense of the complexity of needs of our multicultural clients by applying culturally affirmative skills such as;

  • Language accessibility; English, Spanish and Sign Language.

  • Knowledge of the specific effects of culture on the client.

  • Use of culturally and developmentally appropriate treatment goals, process, and content.


Our Values