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Service Providers

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Amy Aracena.

Amy Aracena has been working with Allies in Caring since August 2020. She’s a native New Yorker who moved to Newark, New Jersey, with her husband and three children eighteen years ago. Amy is a Licensed Social Worker and Certified School Social Worker who serves as a clinical consultant and a Master level therapist at Allies in Caring. She holds a master’s degree in Social Work with a Clinical Concentration from Fordham University and a bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University with double majors in Social Work and Sociology and a minor in Psychology.

Before returning to college and during her undergraduate years, she worked as a Teacher’s Aide and Special Education Support Staff for more than 15 years.

What she enjoys most about working at Allies in Caring are the connections formed with the families and youth from urban communities, the special needs population she supports, and Allies staff members.

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Cinthya Castillo.

Cinthya Castillo holds a B.A. in Psychology from Stockton University. She is actively pursuing a master’s degree in educational psychology to continue her education in applied behavior analysis. Cinthya has been working with children with disabilities for over four years. She has worked in schools as 1:1 Personal Care Assistant (PCA), and Paraprofessional Staff. Cinthya is passionate about expanding her client’s skill sets, facilitating communication, and helping kids and families lead happy lives! She believes strongly in teamwork and in the mission of providing exceptional strength-based child and family-centered therapies. Cinthya brings compassion, empathy, respect to every individual and family she works with.


Catherine Cipolla.

Catherine Cipolla, LCSW, has over 27 years of experience in psychotherapy, with specialty training in working with children, adolescents, and families. She also has presented many workshops for the general public and for clinical training purposes. Catherine also has teaching experience in the Masters of Social Work program at Stockton University. 

Besides her private practice and her work with Allies in Caring as a Clinical Supervisor, she has worked at Atlanticare Behavioral Health: Child/Adolescent Unit; Bacharach Institute: Eating Disorders Center; Atlantic County Special Services School: Consultant and Provider; and Stockton University in various roles. 

After receiving her Master’s Degree from Rutgers University in 1996, she continued formal training in a 2-year eco-systemic structural family therapy externship program at the Philadelphia Child Guidance Center. In addition, she is enrolled in Child Parent Psychotherapy, a two-year training program to serve children from birth to age five and their families.

She has training in a variety of areas, including trauma, alcohol and substance abuse, eating disorders, childhood behavioral problems, ADHD, ODD, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, anger management, relationship issues, domestic violence, divorce, and parenting.


Princess Cortes.

Princess is a first-generation student that recently graduated from Montclair State University with her bachelor’s in psychology with a minor in international studies. Princess has seven years of experience working with inner city youth and is very passionate about making a difference in their lives. 

In September 2022, she will begin her master’s in psychological sciences at Montclair State University. This May, she received recognition for Outstanding Academic Excellence from the Dean’s office. Princess is a motivated, hard worker with a desire to help others. In her free time, she enjoys being a mentor to youth in her community and spending time with her family.


Miguel Crespo.

Miguel Crespo was born in Manhattan, NY but moved to Egg Harbor Township, NJ, in 2001. Miguel comes from a Hispanic background and is a first-generation college graduate. Miguel graduated from Rutgers University in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Miguel enjoys helping and collaborating with others. Allies In Caring was the first organization to give him an opportunity to work in the field as a Behavioral Assistant, and he appreciated the opportunity. Miguel has been working in Egg Harbor Township Public Schools and providing in-home services. 

He incorporates art and physical activities in his sessions. His goal is to become a school counselor along with working in IT. Working with kids and families and witnessing their success has motivated Miguel to keep moving forward. 


Myriam Ciifuentes-Solari.

Myriam Ciifuentes-Solari is a Master Therapist providing counseling, crisis intervention, resource and support system development, and case management for families and children. Myriam believes that delivering a goal-oriented and structured therapy will help families recover from neglect, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, or physical abuse. In addition, having a time-limited, goal-oriented, and structured therapy in the families' natural environment will encourage positive changes in family dynamics.  


In addition to many certifications in personal development and her Holistic Coach Platform, she managed the Guidance department curriculum for the local School District.    


Myriam has a master's degree in School Counseling, a postgraduate degree as a Specialist in Professional Counseling from Seton Hall University, and a Certification as a Holistic Life Coach from the Holistic Institute of Vital Hygiene in Spain.   


Deidra Lebron.

She is 23 years old and graduated from Stockton University, where she studied mental health and its effects on communities. She achieved her bachelor’s degree in psychology with a concentration in mental health in 2023. She has experience working with students and aspiring young adults as a substitute teacher, primarily at Vineland high school. 

There, she discovered the joy that comes with engaging others and facilitating growth in themselves and their community. She is happy to be a part of the Allies in Caring team, where she looks forward to building meaningful relationships and working with diverse groups of people. 

She plans to further her education by attending graduate school to become a relationship counselor. Meanwhile, in her free time, she enjoys spending time with her partner and friends and playing video games such as the Legend of Zelda series. She also enjoys expanding her creative flow through the pursuit of art. She can often be found drawing sketches, reading novels, and performing yoga to practice mindfulness and meditation.

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Wilson Mape.

Wilson holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Surcolombian University and a Master's Degree in Education and Human Development from Manizales University in Colombia. He worked in a psychological support team for attention to students with educational needs and students with disabilities for over twelve years, promoting human flourishing.
He has experience in the clinical and educational context. He has assisted at-risk youth through individual, family, and group counseling on issues ranging from emotional difficulties from depression, anxiety to interpersonal relationship difficulties, substance abuse, and scholarship difficulties. He has developed professional skills with artistic skills related to art therapy. Using art therapy, he has made therapeutic and pedagogical interventions with children, teenagers, and adults to express subjectivity and collective heritage. 

When asked what is his favorite part about working at Allies in Caring is, he said: "I joined Allies in Caring because I believe possibilities and compassion promote human flourishing."


Fernanda Martinez.

Fernanda Martinez is a bilingual Behavioral Assistant at Allies in Caring. She recently earned a bachelor's degree in psychology with a minor in childhood studies from Stockton University. She is a first-generation college graduate who was raised in a single-parent household. Fernanda worked with children between the ages of 6 and 14 during her internship at The Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City. 

At her internship, she reaffirmed her love for working with children. She has been working since the age of 15 years old and knows the importance of being a good, diligent worker. Fernanda wishes to continue her studies in January 2023 to become a school psychologist, specifically in an urban area where she believes she will have the biggest impact on children.

Ethan Mays

I am a Licensed Therapist. I have been in the social work entity for 17 years. I began as a Behavioral Assistant. In 2011, I became a master's Level Therapist. I have two master's degrees. I have one in Business Administration and one in Social Work. I currently have an MSW and an MBA. I received my license in social work in 2021. I now work with youth with Behavioral issues and mental health conditions, which include ADHD, Conduct Disorder, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, and Bipolar. 


Tatiana Mendoza.

Tatiana Mendoza is a current student at Stockton University, majoring in Psychology. Tatiana has previously worked with youth as a Residential assistant as well as a Paraprofessional in the school systems. 

Tatiana is currently working as a TECH 3 at Allie’s in Caring. Tatiana is looking to assist the community with building awareness of resources for individuals with mental health concerns or disabilities. 

While working at Allies in Caring, Tatiana wants to focus on growing her cognitive development knowledge and enhancing her counseling and facilitation skills. 

Tatiana believes that everyone should have the opportunity to be the best version of themselves and believes that the therapy provided will help those that struggle during their daily life functions. 

With this position of Tech 3 Tatiana hopes to reach her full potential and help each person to the best of her ability.


Karen Miguel.

She was born and raised in Vineland, NJ. She comes from an immigrant family, and she is proud to say that she is a first-generation college graduate. She is bilingual, and she graduated from Stockton University (Spring 2021) with, bachelor's degree in Social Work.


She worked as a group leader at Vineland Public Schools. Facilitated children with homework/school work health, fitness, prevention/education, and self-esteem. Tutored children at Family Success Centers with their school work and created events to bring children, families, and the community together. Served as an interpreter for Spanish-speaking families.


She is happy to be working at Allies in Caring because it allows her to work with a diverse community. She has worked with children/youth for many years. It's her passion to help others because we all learn and grow from one another. 

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Jessica Perez-Hernandez

Jessica Perez-Hernandez, MSW, LSW, is a bilingual Licensed Social Worker with a master's in social work from The University of New England. Jessica is a proud first-generation college graduate. Jessica is currently working under supervision to obtain her clinical license. Jessica has over five years of experience working with youth and families.

Jessica is passionate about empowering teens to find their way through life transitions. Jessica is committed to helping families through conflict, empowering them to thrive. As a daughter of immigrants, Jessica is passionate about guiding immigrant families and first-gen youth in understanding generational trauma and breaking cycles. Drawing from modalities such as Solution Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing, she helps clients make sense of their past struggles and move to healing and growth.

Learning, unlearning, growing, and changing can be overwhelming. Jessica offers compassion and validation and aims to provide a sense of safety and trust to empower growth in her clients. In her spare time, Jessica enjoys spiritual development, creating art, and spending time with her two children and husband.


Imani Phillips.

Imani is graduating from Stockton University in May of 2023 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in behavioral neuroscience. She has prior experience working with adults with intellectual disabilities and children. Her main goal is to grow as a Behavioral Technician at Allies in Caring as she continues her education in counseling. 

After graduating with her undergraduate degree, she will attend an online graduate program to obtain her Ph.D. in Biblical Counseling. Before being a technician, she was an intern working in the field and co-facilitating programs at the office. Imani believes that with hard work, anything is possible and strives to make a career by helping anyone in whatever way she can. 

She is highly motivated, hardworking, and optimistic.


Imani is also a woman of faith. Outside of work and her education, she spends much of her time as a youth leader at her church, where she counsels the younger population. She also spends much time studying the Word of God, spreading the Gospel, and holding devotions for her church family. In addition, Imani loves to spend time with her family and play with her family's pets.


Alejandro Ramirez.

Alejandro is currently a Behavioral Assistant/ Technician at Allies in Caring. He is from Colombia, Medellin, and has been in The United States for almost five years. He recently graduated from Stockton University with a Bachelor’s in Psychology with a concentration in mental health. 

Alejandro has two years of experience working with children with developmental disorders and four years of community volunteering in the town of Hammonton and Atlantic City. Alejandro also has experience in vocational guidance for teenagers and young adults, promoting a more educated and joyful future generation. 

During his college journey, he received multiple recognitions for his academic excellence at Atlantic Cape Community College and Stockton University. For Alejandro, helping the community and impacting people motivated him to choose this career. In his free time, he likes to play sports, volunteer, and spend time with his family. 


Claudia día Del Pilar Ramírez.

Claudia was born in Medellin, Colombia. There she graduated in Psychology and worked as a therapist for 26 years in the clinical area providing individual and family care. Claudia also worked in the educational space as a school counselor and university professor in Psychology. In addition, she attended crisis intervention and psycho prophylaxis in Mental Health, identifying psychosocial protective and risk factors in children and youth. 

Then she completed a master's degree in Psychology at the Atlantic International University. She has been happily working with Allies In Caring for four years, working as a therapist. Claudia appreciates working in this company for the quality of human beings who work there and because its managers and staff decisively and effectively take on new challenges, seeking progress for all.  


Solaida Santiago-Ramos.

Solaida Santiago-Ramos began as an intern for Allies in Caring in 2018 while earning her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Counseling from Pillar College in Somerset, New Jersey. She returned as a graduate-level intern and remained for the next three years. After earning her Master's in Social Work from Rutgers University in May 2022 and her license to practice from the State of NJ, she joined our team as a full-time clinician. Solaida is fluent in English and Spanish and is trained in several clinical and evidenced-based modalities. 

As the oldest of three and raised in Camden, Solaida learned early how relationships and environment influenced choices. Her passions became her spirituality, family/friends, and education. She loves learning about other cultures and practices and has a deep and complete affinity for humanity. She enjoys spending time with her husband, kids, and grandkids, traveling, loving animals, and ministry.
As a clinician, Solaida hopes to bring hope, a guide to thrive, and solemnly support and uphold the integrity of the therapeutic relationship. She is both honored and humbled to fulfill this role. 


Liliana Torres.

Liliana Torres is passionate about helping families and individuals reach their highest potential and overcome adversities. Liliana's achievements include graduating from Rutgers University and obtaining a bachelor's degree in Social Work.


Liliana then completed Stockton University's Advanced Standing program and received a master's degree in Social Work. In addition, Liliana has worked with individuals in crisis, including individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and behavioral problems.


Liliana is excited to begin her new professional journey at Allies in Caring and collaborating with the community and those in need of services. 

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