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Luis Aguirre, Behavioral Assistant

Luis Aguirre holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Administration from the University of Medellin, Colombia. He loves education, and for that reason, he is always looking for new educational experiences and his interests in reiki therapy, and he holds a Florida Spanish Teacher K-12 Certification.

Mr. Aguirre has worked in Elementary, Middle, and High Schools as a teacher, academic coordinator, and principal. He loves to work as part of a team, but he is confident in his academic knowledge, following individual and group methodology in diverse settings.

Mr. Aguirre is passionate about his job, offering compassion, empathy, and respect to every individual and family he works with. He is open-minded about the things that can help in his professional development and how they can help the clients he offers his services to.

When asked what's her favorite part about working at Allies in Caring is, he said "I am friendly, and I love teamwork. I like to work at Allies in Caring because I can contribute to the organization's mission being myself!"

Wilson Mape.jpg

Wilson Mape, Behavioral Assistant

Wilson holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Surcolombian University and a Master's Degree in Education and Human Development from Manizales University in Colombia. He worked in a psychological support team for attention to students with educational needs and students with disabilities for over twelve years, promoting human flourishing.
He has experience in the clinical and educational context. He has assisted at-risk youth through individual, family, and group counseling on issues ranging from emotional difficulties from depression, anxiety to interpersonal relationship difficulties, substance abuse, and scholarship difficulties. He has developed professional skills with artistic skills related to art therapy. Using art therapy, he has made therapeutic and pedagogical interventions with children, teenagers, and adults to express subjectivity and collective heritage. 

When asked what is his favorite part about working at Allies in Caring is, he said: "I joined Allies in Caring because I believe possibilities and compassion promote human flourishing."

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Cinthya Castillo, Behavioral Assistant

Cinthya Castillo holds a B.A. in Psychology from Stockton University. She is actively pursuing a master’s degree in educational psychology to continue her education in applied behavior analysis. Cinthya has been working with children with disabilities for over four years. She has worked in schools as 1:1 Personal Care Assistant (PCA), and Paraprofessional Staff. Cinthya is passionate about expanding her client’s skill sets, facilitating communication, and helping kids and families lead happy lives! She believes strongly in teamwork and in the mission of providing exceptional strength-based child and family-centered therapies. Cinthya brings compassion, empathy, respect to every individual and family she works with.