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Sponsor a Family


Join us in making a difference in South Jersey by sponsoring a family's access to programs and services at our Con-Vivir Wellness Center in Hammonton, NJ. Our mission is to combat loneliness and isolation by providing resources like food, personal growth workshops, childcare, and education to families who need them. Our services are provided in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language.

For a sponsorship of just $100 or less, you can help bring critical programs to a family, including career workshops for youth, computer classes, English language lessons, and immigration consultations.

Allies in Caring is a non-profit dedicated to leadership, advocacy, and excellence in promoting culturally responsive mental health services for diverse populations in South Jersey. We're also committed to building strong communities where everyone can recognize their power and purpose. 

Help make a difference in the lives of families in South Jersey today. Sponsor a family at our Con-Vivir Wellness Center and create a community where everyone can thrive.

*Name has been changed to protect the class participant's privacy.

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