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AIC & Pinelands Preservation Alliance Coming Together for Health and Nature

On September 9, we celebrated our 10th Anniversary and the partnership between Allies in Caring (AIC) and the Pinelands Preservation Alliance (PPA) at the beautiful Bishop Farmstead in Southampton, NJ.

It was a joyful evening of giving and community connection to celebrate AIC and PPA collaboration to benefit health, wellness, and nature. We have been working together to expand our reach beyond what people typically consider an "environmental" concern or a "social service" issue. We share a belief that enjoying natural places is good for everyone's physical and mental health.

The money raised during this gala will help AIC and PPA offer a Pinelands Summer Camp for Hammonton teenagers and support programs at AIC's flagship Con-Vivir Wellness Hub such as Computer Literacy and American Sign Language classes, the Youth Career Support Workshop, and our Affordable Counseling Services. 

Allies In Caring is committed to creating a culture of inclusion and belonging in our communities. At this celebration, we recognized individuals who have supported Allies In Caring's mission and demonstrated Inclusion Pathfinders' qualities in their everyday behavior.


Inclusion Pathfinders are people who help create new ways for those who have been historically excluded to develop a sense of belonging. Inclusion Pathfinders are willing to explore untraversed approaches to co-create new social conditions necessary to support everyone to attain their highest level of well-being. In addition, inclusion pathfinders mark out new routes to lessen avoidable obstacles to well-being.


Erik Estrada, Community Manager at the Community Foundation of South Jersey, Cassie Iacovelli, Executive Director at MainStreet Hammonton, and Carrie Pogue, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community Liaison at Allies in Caring, were honored as "Inclusion Pathfinders" for their work opening the way for diverse voices and leadership in our communities and creating inclusive communities in South Jersey.


A special thanks to:


  • Erik Estrada for offering a special thanks to his guidance, advocating for support for AIC, and amplifying our work.

  • Cassie Iacovelli, for being a partner in co-initiating and sustaining the Hammon Health Coalition, and

  • Carrie Pogue, for sharing her network with us and always offering her honest perspective.

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