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5 Healthy Coping Skills for Uncomfortable Emotions

"This is too much!" "I don't know what I'm doing." "Why do things always happen to me?" "I'm so frustrated!" "No one appreciates me." "I feel so helpless, unworthy, and depressed, so what's the use?"

Does this resonate with you? Have you ever said or felt this way about YOU? This isn't an uncommon dialogue for most people. But, if we're really honest about it, this is a common monologue that we all face. The challenge is that this narrative tends to lead you into a state of depression. It can lead to unfulfilled dreams. It can even lead to you seeking external resources to fulfill the internal voids, such as drugs, food, sex, shopping, alcohol, etc.

What are those thoughts that constantly spiral inside that limit your abilities? Aren't you worth so much more? I Say, YES, YOU ARE! You are the voice that you've been longing for. You have the ability to break the chains of imprisonment that keep you in bondage.

I know that may sound simple, and believe me, it really is. It's a matter of facing the very thing we have been avoiding, YOU! I'm talking about the You, that speaks in the darkness of the day. The You that lurks within that minimizes who YOU truly are.

Here are 5 steps that can lead you to face the obstacles within.

1. Chill. Take 5 deep breathes to connect within.

2. Look around for a tangible object with the color blue in it. This allows a pattern disruption to assist you to be in the moment.

3. Evaluate. Tell yourself an empowering story that can change the way you interrupt what is going on in that moment. We tend to create worst-case scenarios about circumstances that show up in our lives. When we change the way, we see it, the way we experience it will change.

4. Act. Move your body, stand up, get your blood flowing. Do 5 jumping jacks

5. Reward and remember. The story we create within will impact how we feel. At this point, this circumstance isn't the first experience you've had to encounter. Yet you were able to rise above and get through it. This situation is no different! Acknowledge this FACT. The reward comes when you can take a CLEAR moment to acknowledge that this hurdle is really another opportunity to break through the barriers of self-doubt. Your Worth it!!!

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