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Building Strong and Inclusive Communities in South Jersey: A Recap of Our Programs and Events

Updated: May 4, 2023

At Allies in Caring, we believe building strong and inclusive communities is essential to creating a better future for all. So, over the first four months of 2023, we have been working hard to create an all-inclusive culture in South Jersey where everyone can recognize their power and purpose. We are proud to share some of the highlights from the programs and events we have offered.

Our Con-Vivir Wellness Hub has been the heart of our community-building efforts, offering various programs and events to help our community develop meaningful relationships and combat isolation. Some of our standout programs have been:

Our School Days Off Program: We provide a safe and fun space for children when school is closed, giving parents peace of mind while their children enjoy games, arts and crafts, and other activities.

Youth Career Exploration Workshop: We help young people explore their career options and plan for their futures, providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Computer Classes: We offer beginner and advanced computer classes to help our community stay connected and informed in our increasingly digital world.

Community Networking Groups: We bring people together to build relationships and support one another, fostering a sense of belonging and connection in our community.

English as a Second Language Classes: We offer language classes to help our immigrant community feel more confident and connected in their new home.

Immigration Consultations: In partnership with Justice for Our Neighbors of the Delaware Valley, we provide consultations to help our community members navigate the complex immigration system and get the help they need.

We have also offered a range of other programs, such as American Sign Language classes in partnership with the South Jersey Deaf and Hard of Hearing Coalition and Monthly Workers' Rights Consultations in collaboration with CATA Farmworkers, which provide crucial information and support to migrant workers who may not have access to legal advice otherwise.

In addition to offering programs and events, we have been working to provide essential items to our community. For example, in the first four months of 2023, we distributed food in collaboration with the Hispanic Federation and provided feminine hygiene products to those in need in partnership with I Support the Girls.

We are grateful for the support and donations from organizations such as Ocean First, which donated 50 baskets filled with baby products for expecting moms in our community. These donations help us continue providing essential services and programs to those most need them.

One of our most exciting partnerships has been with Eagle Theatre, with whom we presented a free public performance called "It's Our Story." Thirteen community members participated in the program, learning and using theater tools to explore body, voice, and artistic expression to build confidence, friendships, and a deeper sense of self.

Participants stepped inside the world of theater, learning improvisation, games, and basic theater techniques. The program culminated in a public sharing of the participants' time and work together. "It's Our Story" embraces theater as a community connector, bridging relationships with our neighbors and developing empathy in Hammonton.

We have also partnered with Cross County Connection to offer a talk and a tour to help people learn more about the 54/40 free shuttle bus. We shared information about how to access the shuttle in English and Spanish, ensuring that our immigrant community members can use this essential transportation service.

We invite you to learn more about our events and programs by visiting our website at You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn to stay updated.

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