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How the Hammonton Health Coalition is helping Latinx in Hammonton, NJ to connect with the resources

Helping community members connect with the resources they need in the language they understand was one of the main challenges the connectors faced during the pandemic. So this year, the Hammonton Health Coalition (HHC) helped many local organizations translate their communications to Spanish, from local bus routes to food distribution event flyers. They also started offering two new services to the community: A helpline in Spanish that receives from 10 to 15 calls per week from people looking for information and support and in collaboration with Allies in Caring, they also offer a navigation service at Con-Vivir Wellness Hub to link people with the community services they need. This space was also helpful for Latin kids looking for help with their homework after school, as some of their parents don't speak English.

Finding financial resources to support the community members whose primary source of income was affected by the pandemic was another main goal of the Connectors this year. In collaboration with local organizations, businesses, and families, they were able to fundraise $8,000. More than 300 families in Hammonton, NJ, benefited from their food distribution program and eight high school students were awarded $400 grants as part of their Hispanic Leadership Scholarships Program.

Finally, helping people reconnect with their community members had an important place on the connector's plan this year. In collaboration with Allies in Caring, they co-host many different community events, like the Hispanic Heritage Celebration and webinars, to share information about the COVID-19 vaccine and locally available college scholarships. They also helped more than 150 community members register for the Covid-19 Vaccine.

The pandemic has taken away so many things from us this year but also has allowed us to be there for each other. The connectors have played an essential role in Hammonton, NJ, bringing information and resources to community members who usually don't have access due to language and cultural barriers. To learn more about the connectors' work, please visit their Facebook page:

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