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How to be kind to yourself on Valentine's Day

Hey there Beautiful! Yes, I'm talking to You. Today is a moment in time to honor and appreciate you. Yes, YOU. The Love of your life. Your presence and essence are a glimmer of light that shines so wide into the Universe, and you should appreciate You for being YOU!

Today, give me just a few precious moments of your time to make some suggestions about how to honor YOU. How about lighting a candle that offers a scent of presence and calm as you nurture your true essence? You've given so much of yourself to others, yet this moment is a moment to pour an abundance of Love into YOU. When that is done, it allows you to share the overflow with others. You deserve it! You are so precious and worthy of the gift of time to Yourself.

Take a moment to reflect on your greatness. Pour into you a letter of Love and appreciation. No one can appreciate you as You can. Speak the words that you want to hear from others to yourself. You are phenomenal, and who better to show you than you. This is just a token of a reminder to yourself.

When was the last time you had some fun? Life can be straightforward and serious, adding stress and pressure to your body. So, let's go out and have some good old fashion fun. See a comedy show or movie that will stimulate that gut-wrenching laughter. Allows this time to release the frustrations and overwhelm from your body. You deserve it!

Valentine's Day tends to be a day that we seek others to appreciate us with tokens of Love. Yet I invite you to be the first to give you the thing you seek from others. Be the Love you seek for the overflow will be spread amongst the Earth to others.


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