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Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Allies in Caring & Third Thursday Hammonton come together to celebrate community diversity at the colorful event

The tradition that brings people together

During a time of uncertainty for many, Allies in Caring and Third Thursday Hammonton came together to share traditions and connect as a community with all the residents of Hammonton.

“This is a celebration for us to open ourselves, our hearts and open the doors and welcome others,” said Ivette Guillermo-McGahee, who organized the event and is the executive director of Allies in Caring.

Posadas are a Mexican tradition that pushes people to come together and share in traditional foods, crafts and music, sometimes with complete strangers.

To bring the residents of Hammonton together the Posada was added on to the calendar of Third Thursday Events for the month of December. During the Posada residents as well as businesses contributed to make this event possible. It was a way for those who normally don’t gather to do so while having fun and enjoying a tradition that means a lot to many residents of Hammonton.

To learn more about what this event meant for our Mexican-American community in Hammonton read more on The Press of Atlantic City.

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