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Summer Camp

Allies In Caring, teamed up with Pinelands Adventures and the Center for Hispanic Policy, Research and Development to offer a week-long Empoder-Arte Mindfulness Summer Day Camp in the heart of the Pinelands.

Developing coping skills through mindfulness in nature

Fifteen youth, aged 12 - 15 years, participated in a week of adventures all built around mindfulness training designed to help improve the youth’s ability to manage their emotions and respond more positively to stressors.

The program that was offered from August20th to 24th in the Pines combined mindfulness practices with staff from Allies in Caring and nature experiences led by staff from Pinelands Adventures and the Pinelands Preservation Alliance.

Youth ages 12-15 participated in various activities built around nature with the goal to help the youth manage their emotions and respond positively to any obstacles or challenges that could come their way.

For more details on Empoder-Arte and to learn more about Pinelands Adventures head over to read the Pinelands Reservation Alliance Newsletter

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