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A Jam-Packed Summer Creating Community

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

This summer has been filled with togetherness at Allies in Caring. We hosted various programs and events to uplift and connect our community, fostering their sense of belonging and purpose. Here's a look back at the highlights.

Youth Got a Glimpse of Their Bright Futures

Our Youth Career Workshop opened up worlds of possibilities. Through self-discovery activities, career exploration, and job readiness classes, participants gained insights into their strengths and potential career paths. We collaborated with the Center for Hispanic Policy Research and Development to provide this impactful 8-week program focused on supporting youth transitioning to adulthood.

Technology Brought Us Together

Our Computer and Internet Basics classes helped many get online. We provided free access to computers, the Internet, and one-on-one guidance in English and Spanish. These classes enabled people to find essential information more efficiently – from registering for services to locating nearby resources.

Experts Lent a Helping Hand

Our Community Health Workers connected people to healthcare professionals and social services. Our dedicated staff helped attendees make appointments, fill out forms, send documents, and find providers. This assistance can make all the difference in accessing the care and support each person deserves.

Hitting the Open Road Got Safer

Through our Next Steps DL workshop, we offered valuable tips for new drivers. We covered everything from obtaining your license to insurance to safe driving practices. This information empowers our community members to navigate the roadways confidently and responsibly.

Language Skills Opened Doors

In our English as a Second Language classes, students developed vocabulary and language skills to communicate effectively in English. By breaking down language barriers, these free classes help build inclusion and give our immigrant community members the tools to thrive.

Legal Guidance Cleared Obstacles

During our Immigration Legal Services sessions, we connected attendees to free and low-cost immigration assistance. Everyone deserves access to legal help when facing complex immigration processes. We're proud to facilitate these vital services.

Dance United Us

Our new Flamenco Classes allowed students to discover the joy of dance while engaging in cultural exchange. This unique art form, originating from Spain, is a beautiful way to stimulate creativity, expression, and community.

Friendships Flourished

Our Community Networking Groups for men and women provided a space to meet new friends, share experiences, and support one another. These connections help combat isolation and promote a sense of belonging.

Workers Stood Up for Their Rights

In our Workers' Rights workshops, labor rights experts informed attendees about important protections like paid family leave and disability benefits. We take a stand for workplace justice by empowering people with legal knowledge.

Bonding with Nature

Kids dove into science, stewardship, and adventure during our 5-day Summer Camp. This exciting collaboration with local organizations connected youth to the wonders of the natural world through outdoor exploration.

Celebrating Community

At our first-ever Community Picnic, neighbors of all ages gathered for food, activities, entertainment, and summer fun. We also honored five Hammonton High School seniors with Latino Leadership Scholarships to support their educational journeys.

Securing Access to Higher Education

During our FAFSA Workshop, we guided students to navigate financial aid and maximize their resources. Helping youth secure funding for college is an investment in their limitless potential.

Latino Leaders Networking event.

AIC, in collaboration with the Latino Action Network, brought together changemakers to exchange ideas, foster connections, and uplift our community. It was a memorable evening of inspiration that energized us to keep working for positive change.

We're so grateful to everyone who made our programming possible this summer – from collaborators and sponsors to volunteers and participants. Together, we're building a supportive, inclusive community where all can recognize their power and purpose.

Stay tuned for even more community-focused events this fall here.

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