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Tips for Coping With and Managing Holiday Stress

Dear friend!

During these holidays, I invite you to have peace in your heart, keep your affairs in order, check as many things as possible off your to do list, and help others. Involve your kids in the holiday preparations. Be thankful for everything you have lived, learned, and received during this year. Recognize that even if this year was full of difficult moments, it was also full of learning opportunities and new experiences.

Keep in mind your children and youth have also gone through stress during the last months. Be patient and loving with them, give them extra attention and quality time. Involve your kids during meal preparation and house decoration. Exercise together and teach them about your holiday traditions. Connect with family and friends virtually; this is a safe way to shorten distances and express affection. Avoid excessive drinking and smoking to enjoy these holidays more healthily.

This year we have also lost loved ones. Remember, you have the right to remember them and bring back memories of the time you spend together. You could honor them by sharing anecdotes with them, writing them a note, or using any other method you consider appropriate to express your love and gratitude.

If you plan to spend these holidays alone, I invited you to enjoy it and take on the challenge of rejoicing with your presence and living harmoniously with yourself. You can also offer to help someone in need. Cultivating your spirit can make you incredibly happy.

Merry Christmas! ¡Feliz Navidad!

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