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Unveiling Bold Visions at the Community Power Global Learning Exchange Launch Event

On July 17th, we had the pleasure of attending the inaugural launch event of the Community Power Global Learning Exchange program in San Antonio, Texas. Root Change launched the program with the generous support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. It was a meeting of courageous community leaders from all walks of life.

Together we are exploring questions such as:

  • What if, instead of focusing on small, immediate concerns, we explore the larger question of how we build the community we want to live in?

  • What if we chose to stay with the discomfort of relating to different world views? What new possibilities would we discover?

  • What could compel us to share power and reallocate resources to ensure that those who have less and are stuck trying to survive can afford to invest time and energy in uncovering their inner power?

Please share your insights; we would love for this to be a conversation with you too!

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