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Kids Reading Book in Park
General Schedule

The following is a general schedule and adjustments will occur throughout the day to meet the needs of each child.


9:00 am. Kids get dropped off  
(Get personal belongings organized and allocated to their selected locations.) 
9:05 am. Movie and playtime (while we wait for everyone's arrival.) 
9:30 am. Color time Crafts.  
10:00 am. Clean up, wash hands, and get ready for slime lesson. 
10:45 am. Cleanup.  
11:00 am. Lunch.  
11:30 am. Reading time.  
11:45 am. Book conversation.  
12:00 pm. Clay sculpture project.
12:45 pm. Cleanup time.  
1:00 pm. Lunch.
1:20 pm. Puzzle games.  
1:40 pm. Bracelet making.  
2:20 pm. Clean up time.  
2:30 pm. Movie and pick-up time  

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