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We help under-served individuals with emotional and behavioral problems move toward recovery through culturally affirmative and linguistically appropriate services, including counseling, education, and community support.

Vision. Values. Commitment

Counseling. Education. Community

Volunteer.  Job Opportunities. Intern

Genuine, equitable, affordable support is possible!


At Allies in Caring and our ConVivir Wellness Hub project, we have a mission to work together to build strong communities where we bridge the disparity gaps of care and create an all-inclusive culture where everyone can recognize their power and purpose. We imagine an exciting, new South Jersey where the entire community joins efforts to generate a true shift in promoting health for everyone.

If you are concerned about your mental health or the mental health of someone you love, we can help. Call our Affordable Counseling Helpline:
(609) 878 - 2007
Si le preocupa su salud mental o la salud mental de un ser querido, podemos ayudarlo. Llámenos a nuestra Línea telefónica asequible de atención en salud mental: 
(609) 878 - 2007
A Supportive Hug

Words from our Customers

“I am extremely pleased with the way Allies in Caring therapist approached my family situation. She was kind and took the time to get to know my husband and daughter before making suggestions on approaching our family conflict. She gave me techniques to calm down and taught us about the importance of listening to each other before talking and taking turns.” 

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