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Community Health Workers


Isabel Antonia Pacheco. Guatemala.

Originally from Totonicapán, a department in Guatemala. Her journey to this country was challenging, as she had to navigate a new language and be far from her family, which was profoundly disheartening. Having personally experienced the difficulties of leaving her home country, Isabel understands the importance of connection and empathy. She firmly believes in the significance of listening to and assisting individuals with diverse experiences.

Isabel also has a deep love for nature and finds solace in connecting with the universe. She feels immense gratitude to Ivette Guillermo for providing her with the opportunity to join Allies In Caring, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing resources to the community, especially the undocumented community.

Through this opportunity, Isabel has become a community group coordinator and one of the leading Community Health Workers. She leads a group of women called "Aldea de Familia Mujer" where they offer support and encouragement without judgment, fostering understanding and celebrating diversity. Additionally, they provide valuable information about various resources that can positively impact the lives of women.


Copelia Morales. México .

We are delighted to introduce Copelia Morales, an invaluable Allies In Caring, Inc. member Originally from Zacatecas, Mexico. Copelia brings a deep sense of dedication and passion to her role. Drawing from her own experiences of isolation and overcoming challenges when she arrived in a new country, Copelia actively advocates for and provides resources to the community, focusing on the undocumented community.

Copelia deeply understands the significance of basic necessities that are often taken for granted. Leading a team of compassionate individuals, she offers vital support in areas such as mental health, family coaching, and telehealth services. Additionally, Copelia plays a pivotal role in developing programs centered around parenting skills, digital literacy, and workforce readiness.

She actively collaborates with Justice for Our Neighbors to provide immigration assistance, and her organizational efforts extend to coordinating engaging child craft activities and summer camps.

Beyond her direct services, Copelia actively promotes cultural awareness and inclusion through language classes and the celebration of Hispanic heritage. Her unwavering dedication truly makes a positive impact on the lives of those she serves.

We are privileged to have Copelia Morales as part of our team, and her commitment to the community is truly commendable.


Pablo Pichardo. México.

Pablo Pichardo was born in Estado de Mexico, Mexico, and faced numerous challenges when he came to this country several years ago. 

Like most foreigners, he struggled with the language and culture and received little assistance. As a result, Pablo decided to become a community health worker for Allies in Caring, a non-profit organization, to help other immigrants avoid the difficulties he experienced. 

He believes Providing people with the right resources can make a huge difference in any person's life. Pablo co-leads a men's group called "Aldea de Familias-Hombres" where men can discuss their mental health, share experiences, and form new friendships in a safe and non-judgmental environment. 

He aims to normalize discussing emotions among men, recognizing that it can be challenging for them to express themselves. Pablo would like everyone to prioritize their mental health. 


Tania Rivera. México.

Tania Rivera, originally from Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, is an active member of Allies in Caring Inc., a non-profit organization that provides services to those in her community who are most in need. Tania thinks setting an example for others is the best way to create a good community. She and every member of her family take part in this.

Because she knows that mental health is a significant taboo in the Hispanic/Latino community and wants to help normalize it, she chose to work as a community health worker with Allies in Caring. 

Tania encourages inclusivity because she knows some people feel marginalized due to language or cultural differences. She thinks that progressively bridging gaps can help establish a solid community where everyone can contribute and feel at home.


Tania co-leads a group of women called Aldea de Familias-MUJER and serves as secretary on the board of directors for Allies in Caring. She is also the communications coordinator and helps lead the yearly Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations. Her commitment genuinely improves people's lives.


Maria Isabel Figueroa. México.

María Isabel Figueroa Corona was born in Mexico City. She arrived in the United States in 2019 and has lived with her family in Hammonton, NJ, for four years. Artist in different techniques, her experience working in favor of the community and culture in her native country and being inspired by the beautiful and vital work done by Allies in Caring/ Con-Vivir Wellness Hub in favor of the Hammonton community motivated her to become a Community Health Worker and continue her work of support with much enthusiasm, love, and dedication. 

She currently co-leads the Aldea de Familias-MUJER group, which has left her with great teachings and a wonderful experience with the women and coordinators. She is also part of the communications team. 

Her personal and professional development is due to her natural and acquired skills and her love for life, her family, her opportunities, and the people who have contributed to her growth.

"Every day is an opportunity to serve from love."

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