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Community Health & Wellness Services

What is a community health worker?

Community Health Workers promote

health awareness and independence through community engagement, education, informal counseling, social support, and advocacy.  


This is similar to the role of

health advisors, social workers, patient navigators, counselors, case managers, peer health educators,

and other similar roles. 

The goal of the CHW is to focus on Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients as they provide the tools and resources necessary to self-manage their health and wellness.

A CHW is a
representative of the healthcare staff, and any health-related information provided by a client with a CHW may be shared with the client's healthcare provider. 

What is a CHW?
in American Sign Language

We provide in-person navigation services for the following counties:

  • Atlantic

  • Burlington

  • Camden

  • Cape May

  • Cumberland

  • Gloucester

  • Salem

How to become a
Community Health Worker

Begin your training in a six-month CHW program
(3 college credits)

Become certified as a Community Health Worker

Engage with the local community

You can establish the first step to becoming a Community Health Worker by accrediting in a certificated course for CHWs.

We can provide you referrals and resources to where you can get started with this.

You will have been enrolled in a six-month virtual course and receive a state-wide recognized certificate. This certificate will be recognized in other states that support the same Community Health Worker programs as well.

You will put forth what you have learned and help the community as a brand new Community Health Worker. You have the potential to make an impact and gain from it.

Work with us!

If you are interested in expanding your skills as a Community Health Worker through our existing network of clients in South Jersey,

please contact us about opportunities with us!

of a Community Health Worker

Support the Deaf / Hard of Hearing

CHWs motivate individuals to take responsibility for their own health, ensuring they feel safe and comfortable.


Health education

CHWs teach individuals new methods to help them understand and/or control their illnesses, among other ways to stay healthy and aware.


Basic needs

CHWs ensure that individuals have access to nutritious food, accommodations, clothes, and other basic necessities.


Create plans

CHWs help develop healthy lifestyle plans and assist individuals in learning how to empower themselves.


Provide resources

CHWs provide referrals to...

  • Services

  • Information sources

  • Events / hosting

  • Job opportunities

  • Access to assistive technologies (VRS)



CHWs translate information and documents into easy-to-understand language using ASL and Deaf Interpreting.


Navigate health care systems

CHWs help navigate barriers in finding services and setting up appointments; and as advocates, provide instruction to offices on accommodations.

 Need to request for CHW services?

If you need to request services from a Community Health Worker through SJDHHC, you can visit the link below to fill out a referral form for navigation services from our Community Health Workers.

Work with us

CHW Service
Request Form

CHW Request form

CHW Request for Services Form

Fill out the form below with all the applicable information.

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